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I am converting Ya-Native.com into a Social Media Platform called ‘Ya-Native’. It will be comparable and compatible to facebook as well as all the popular Social Media Platforms like twitter, myspace, linkedin, and so on… The Ya-Native Platform will be complete with mico-blog, sharing wall, editable profiles, photo ablums, relationship status, event calender, roll call, groups/pages, legends, prayers/blessings, ‘on this day in history’, Native America news feeds, knowledge of Native American Cultural Regions/Nations, and so much more…

In the month of December 2013 the Ya-Native Network had a documented high of 38 million visitors–undocumented, I believe there were over 60 million visited that month. I am positive that this Social Media Platform would experience immediate results.

Ya-Native.com has been an established website hub for the entire Ya-Native Social Media Network that encompasses over 20 popular Social Media Platforms, so the visitors potential is unlimited. I have acquired a large viewer following and the platform draft, not to mention the promotions that are already done, so immediate results would be expected.

I require enough seed funding to seek an angel investor to incorporate this project.


Six Nations protesters stop Enbridge Line 9 dig in North Dumfries

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:

Enbridge Line 6 6 NationsCBC News July 17, 2014

Protesters from Six Nations stopped work at a dig on a portion of the Line 9 pipeline in North Dumfries Thursday morning.

According to a statement from protesters, a group marched onto a work site east of Highway 24 near the Grand River between Cambridge and Brantford around 10 a.m. Thursday. They say Enbridge’s employees are working without consent or consultation on land that is on Haudenosaunee territory.

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Mi’kmaq Warriors Call For Support

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:

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Fort MacKay First Nation members short on cash after oilsands profits dip

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:

Tar Sands factory complex in northern Alberta.  Tar Sands factory complex in northern Alberta.

Band CEO blames low profits for missing annual payments

CBC News July 11, 2014

Some residents from the wealthy Fort McKay First Nation are in financial trouble after the band failed to provide an expected dividend from oilsands profits last month.

Band members have long been receiving the payment, known as a PCD, which the band is able to pay out due to profits gained from oilsands-related operations. Recently, members collected more than $10,000 per year from the funds. 

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Keyword filters in Social Media Platforms


… here’s the post I promised. I published it on my blog to distance it from the Ya-native Social Media Network. Thanks for your support …

Originally posted on Reamus Wilson:

I operate the Ya-native Social Media Network where it has reached over 11 million viewers in one week, so it is easier for me to observe daily changes in the facebook platforms. Facebook also updates particular servers with unique updates to observe how the public reacts. This is witnessed when you operate multiple profiles and pages.


About a year ago (June 2013), I remember viewing this ‘Idle No More’ protest on every facebook profile and page. It was a very popular subject with facebook fan pages sprouting up over night with over 1 million followers. Not to mention a multitude of other Social Media platforms. At one point, I ceased to promote ‘Idle No More’ because I could not compete. Pretty much, overnight they seem to disappear from the grid. I researched many of them and concluded that they were all losing public momentum in terms of facebook likes, comments and shares. I noticed similar…

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Satellite views of the largest man-made Enviromental Disaster in the World.

***Please pay careful attention to the Athabasca River and the tailoring ponds in the images below. The Athabasca River is the water of our brothers and sisters of the Cree Nations. Their drinking water is being poisoned and the Oil companies and they are using legal tactics to wait for them to die of cancer from this environmental disaster.

Rethink Alberta – Tar (Oil) Sands Pollute Athabasca River


Suncor Energy admits the tailoring ponds kill an average of 5000 birds including ducks and Canadian geese every year. I’ve read of 1000’s of birds ever day parish in the tar sands tailing ponds.

In 1989, Suncor Energy was fined only $3 000 000 because a flock of 1606 Canadian Geese were recovered after they landed on the Tailoring ponds … To date, Suncor admits that there is an average of 5000 birds recovered from the tailoring ponds every year, most sink to the bottom and are unrecoverable. There is a 100% fatality rate when a bird enters any one of the 170 of square kilometers stretched over hundreds of these make shift tailoring ponds.

Please understand that the oil companies remedy to this environmental disaster is to fill the empty tar sand pits with rain water and hope the population will forget about it. Each tar pit will become a toxic sea.

The following images are of one of the tar sand mines. There are three others just as vast and many more applicants awaiting approval from our Canadian Dictatorship.


If you are a Canadian and you participate or do nothing then it is safe to say that you are about to become the biggest Environmental Terrorist the World has ever known.






Here’s a link to where I obtained the map above

Here’s a link to a 3d fly over that will demonstrate the enormous size of the projects.

The related article can be found here.


Below is a visual of what we have to look forward to.


Please share any resources, photos, art, of any thing else that may interest the masses. Thanks for your participation.

Here’s my personal Stop the Pipeline Campaign, thanks for your help to save our planet.

Ya-Native Comic Strip #3

Here’s another small collection of random comics you may enjoy … Like and share if you like what you see …

identitystoleninhaledeeplyholocaustindigenousFeel free to post some Native American Comics below. Thanks

You can find hundreds of my images to share here: http://www.ya-native.com/pictures/children/


Check out my Stop the Pipeline Campaign I’m working on. Thanks for your time Reamus

ImageImageImageImage ImageImage

Ya-Native Comic Strip #1

Here’s a little collection of Native American Comics. I hope you enjoy because I have many more to come.


micemoneyaccountsnativeprotestsnot againImage


Check out my Stop the Pipeline Campaign I’m working on. Thanks for your time Reamus







Feel free to post some Native American Comics below. Thanks

you can find hundreds of my images to share here: http://www.ya-native.com/pictures/children/


Facebook eradicated organic promotions. Now we see what they want us to see.


Around June 1st, the Ya-Native facebook fan page experienced a sudden drop in viewer stats. The usual 3.8 million average weekly viewers dropped to just over 200 000 weekly viewers. The drastic decline in viewer stats coincided with the launch of my personal  ‘Stop the Pipeline‘ Campaign. I quickly realized the sudden drops in all my pages where I have promoted the word ‘oil’. All my facebook profile pages, did not seem effected. As a remedy to the situation, I removed most of the oil related posts, the stats did climb from 200 000 to 500 000 immediately. I remain convinced that there are ‘Oil’ search filters in facebook and elsewhere.

I started my own little investigation it become notably evident that all protesting pages were eliminated from Facebook news feeds. Now, we don’t see any of the material that we liked as pages on Facebook’s new feeds or  promotions from ads that our friends found interesting, they’re all hiden. Everything to do with Monsanto’s GMOs’, oil spills, Fukushima , Idle no more, no to enbridge, stop the tar sands are eliminated and popular news blogs subscriptions that are friends ‘liked’ are gone.

In a nut shell, free speech is hidden. In a very short time you’ll noticed many of these independently owned and operated sites fall to the wayside. Only the big corporate sites will prevail. The sites with deep pockets. Does that sound familiar to you? The issues with theses corporate sites are that they are governed by man made laws and regulations-just like our educational school system.

For a freelanced Social Media Technician that operates an independent site like Ya-Native, this move diminishes everything we’ve worked for. My primary motivator are donations and promotions (likes, shares and comments) from the generous viewers. A normal person would tell himself “I’ve spent thousands of dollars, not to mention ‘the thousands of hours’ to make this network. I’d rather spend the time with my family then waste it on thankless work.” I must admit, I did experience a spiritual uplifting on September 17th 2012 in direct reference, so I will probably continue this project even though my saving are gone.

I used to hope to find sponsors that was interested in promoting has objective to over ten million viewers a month, now that is gone. Now-a-days everybody is just setting up facebook pages and calling that their Social Media Campaigns. There used to be a time when Facebook fan pages were the tool to use to promote your online entity. As of June 1, this marketing tool is not effective, almost pointless. If Facebook doesn’t change their ways and hype up the facebook fan pages like they should be, they are going to lose their vision. *** Corporations suck!

Thanks for your time …


The internet is similar to our economy. If you want the ‘mom and pops’ products to survive, you must support your local ‘mom and pop’s’ online entities.

Oil and Facebook don’t mix

I operate a Social Media Network dedicated to Native America.

About 4 or 5 days ago I posted a couple of pictures from a personal project of mine that I implemented. The project is titled ‘Stop the Pipelines‘ and it is situated on my personal website hub posed for Social Media promotions. With in a few seconds, I noticed my viewer stats decline drastically.

I usually experience between 3 and 4 million viewers per month on my Native Americans facebook fan page alone. My best week totaled well over 11 million viewers. Day 4, after my promotions, my stats are down to 300 000 and still falling. I didn’t notice any other reductions on any other pages or profiles that I operate.

After sharing the prior post on this yanative blog and found out, from a friend, that Mark Zuckerman is a major contributor for the pipeline. I looked into it and confirmed this. Then I found a lot of material asking Mark to stop facebook promotions that are for the Pipeline. I decided to experiment a little further by promoting the campaign on regular facebook profiles and didn’t notice any change.

Have you noticed that there is a limit to anything to do with Stop the pipeline, stop the tar sands, stop the tankers, basically anything to do with oil. It seems that our interests are filtered out of our facebook news feeders. I’ve even notice an enormous lack of ‘Idle No More’ content that use to pack the news feeds on most social mediums. Instead of seeing what we want to see in our facebook news feeders, we see ads that feed off our cookies and show us ads that reflect what we have viewed recently.

… It seems the facebook fan pages have lost control of their audience. I don’t even see the logic of promoting these pages anymore. It is difficult to comprehend why such a wealthy person such as Mark Zuckerman has to make more money. How many billions do one person need. And if he is so smart why doesn’t he try to save the earth–unless he’s become a puppet like our politicians that run the country. Mark Zuckerman actually has the power to save the planet from these money hungry oil corporations, but he chooses to roll with them instead.

I hesitate to promote anything to do oil on facebook… any suggestions?