Traditional Indian will not reform

Traditional Natives


2 thoughts on “Traditional Indian will not reform

  1. An officer stopped me one day, asked me for my fishing permit, I said ” do not need one, this is my land, my reservation”. With his hands shaking and his head down he gave me a ticket anyways.


  2. i don’t believe in treaty , its all about greed, not about loosing a nation of people in time, we will have no rights , no say , the rich getting richer off, their , people , selling our rights our satas, our ancesters woluld not pick money over our people, they would not be greedy getting rich off our people, the government has no right to introduce treatys as we are proctected under the proclamation act of 1763, and farther back, our negoiters got paid twenty five million dollors, , to push , to bribe, to promise ,broken, promises, why should our people in time pay to our chief and negoiters, taxes, to live on land that our ancesters treaty negoiters got paid a hundred thousand for making treaty happen, plus hounerioum monies of fifty thousand, seems that theyare the ones gaining, while the rest of the people suffer in housing, u can tell who r somebody by many houses, and their toys, they don’t charge rent right now, but I bet u they are still collecting monies for the people, its corrupted its not right , treaty people partying at six at night they won treaty, when treaty votes weren’t counted till almost midnight,, everyone hands were counting the votes with our electrol officer schiffner and his wife, its corrupted , only the electro; officer is to handle count, deceased people still on the voting list, satas cards handed out , no blood ties to reserve, but could disenroll after treaty vote, chief atelow was here saying how good treaty is , all they talked is how much monies people will have,the sliammon band has never helped my grandmother in her housing and she left me her property , cp land, and their copping it up, and I have a legal will. I was born a half breed bastard, mother died at the age of twenty six, father unknowen, but they said a white man claimed paterenity, yet my birth certificate says I should of had satas all my life they gave it to me the year my granmther died. all the elders are gone , and I sure miss the old people, they had respect, they didn’t point their fingers , as no one was better than anyone, we all have a walk. they used our young generation, to help them with treaty , giving monies to people for a yes vote, and if yur that good u should never have to buy a vote.


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