Corruption in our First Nations

Ya-Native here!

I would like to bring up a very touchy subject. The subject is regarding the corrupt leaders of our First Nation communities. I hope to bring light to the voiceless individuals that pay for these corrupt leaders of our communities. Most individuals will not speak out against these tyrants because they have the ability to take what little they have and there’s no authority that can do anything about it.

My personal experience is that my own Nation refuses to pay for my children’s schooling and refuses to assist with any portion of the $20 000 debt to student loans. There are surrounding Nations that pay for all their families education needs, but are they the selected few from the corrupt leaders? … Ample funds have been specifically set aside for funding adult education for band members. The problem with that is that my band members are selecting a few direct relations to go to school and all others are refused. What pisses me off is that the staff gets to go on an annual vacation every year! These are not leaders!

I’m curious on what kind of corruption happens in your Nation and is there anything we can do about it.

Thanks for your time and I’ll add to this conversation as time goes on.

Reamus Wilson



10 thoughts on “Corruption in our First Nations

  1. Back in 94 while in College here in Long Beach, CA I applied for assistance from my Tribe, The Kickapoo of Oklahoma Tribe. First they denied me saying I didn’t have enough blood quantum to apply and get college help. In that letter they told me what I had to do if I felt the decision was wrong. I sent them back their required proof, a family tree, family members roll numbers. They then sent me a letter saying that I was correct, and that I had been erroneously entered into their database as less than I really was and that the committee had reviewed the evidence, checked the records and corrected the problem and said I would then get monthly stipends for college. And I got it.


  2. That was similar to my situation in the beginning … I have been funded before by my band. The adult resource education funding officer changed and my funding was halted soon after-different family gained control- and that was over 10 years ago …


  3. My son has been waiting for financial assistance for a couple of years with school he attends a community college right now, and is having to take out loans, …this distresses me..I am angered at the appeals filed in the cobell settlement..those appeals held up funding for native students..


  4. You all need to bring your issues to light to a listening ear that is faired and balanced. As a non-native, there are many things that go on at each individual nation, and reservation that never gets to our ears. It is just now in recent years that we are becoming aware of traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. We non-natives can’t see past the casinos that so many reservations have. Many of us think that all reservations have casinos. We don’t see and maybe in some cases, don’t want to see the poverty that some reservations deal with on a daily basis. Some still believe that teepees are your home. While others think that natives are lazy and alcoholics. It is YOUR voices that will help us understand the behind the door politics you suffer at each nation.

    I am an artist, and it is my desire, as it has always been to show the non-native community your world both past and present. I will stand behind all of you who need a voice and aid in getting the basic things that you need and deserve


  5. There really is corruption in tribal administration at the presidential and council level. They don’t get charged, higher ups overlook, and for those that are “guilty,” it’s a wrist-slap penalty. It then all starts again. There are underlying ways of coersion for “citizens” to cooperate.


  6. you wanna know about corruption,,
    look into BUFFALO POINT FIRST NATION,,the canadian gov’ supports a DECTATOR in buffalo point and yet they support and push democracy in other countries and wont allow it in our our back yard!
    JOHN THUNDER (CONOVER) and family have disacratted and broke every Anishinabe’ law that we have been given by the creator,,,
    so please check it out and read the web page and see for yourself,,remember,,everything you read on there is fraud and its made to sound like he’s done good for the people,,,yet he’s only done good for his own family,,not the Anishinabe of Buffalo Point,,,
    and for those who think or wanna purchase land,,beware!,,he’s only after your life savings n money,,,,,,

    Mii-gwetch,,,,,,Anishinabe member of Nah-aw-shing,,


  7. I have seen this before. When funds are limited, the people react by protecting those closes to them. In other words, themselves. They are at the head of the nation, but leaders, they are not. They have turn their backs on what makes them leaders, their people. They have learn the very well the “American” way of life. .


  8. I am desperatly trying to find out my heritage, all that my father was told, is that we are a quarter Iroquois, or Cherokee?? My father said the family never told him the whole story,he was shipped off to live with his aunt, and that was the only information that was given to him,& that’s all he could tell me,sadly. My maiden name is Utley, & I’ve never married, is there any way to find out? I would love to know if I have any long lost relatives. I appreciate your help, thankyou, sincerely Janeen


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