Cree “Ask an Elder”

“Ask an Elder”

There are many questions and few elders. This blog will be populated with your Q&A found in the comments.

Please comment with your questions and we’ll promote this blog to the Cree elders who may have the answers that you seek.



14 thoughts on “Cree “Ask an Elder”

  1. I would like to know if anyone could please write these names in both Cree and English for me please and thank you .Here are the names Austin,Cory,Francis and Jaclyn .I am legaly blind and can not read the Cree alphabet.I have been trying for over a year to get someone to spell these names I would like to get a tatoo and put these names in it .
    Thank You
    Mary Grant


  2. Greetings. I’m trying to trace my ancestry all the way back to the Pleiades. If you recognize any of these names to be of Cree origin, please contact me at St. Pierre Poitras, Marie E. Brammir, Baptiste DesJarlais, Marie Martaine, Joseph John O’Connor, Marie F. Raymonds, Unknown Faverau, Mary Madeline Reed

    Nvwatohiyadv = Peace To All My Relations


  3. The question I have is regarding the Cree women. Are the Cree women allowed tradionallt to play and sing using the small one sided skin drum? I know that the Cree Big Drun Society only allows the men to use and play the big drum. Aho, Chief Guanikeyu Torres, Jatibonicu Taino


  4. I’m looking for guidance on how to deal with negative outside influences from affecting my home fire. Is there something I can be doing to protect my family from hurtful, pitiful people attacking? I know fighting back is not the way then I would be behaving no better. We live traditional lives and have been walking the Red Road for 6 years now. Please help.


  5. greetings from the north, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. my question is very similar to the one previously asked bt cat68. I find the negativity of living in the city to be exhausting. every time I go outside, I come home ill, tired and headachy. how can I take the peace from home and keep it wth ne wgen I am outside my house. please & thank you. have a great day!


    • I have asked this question many times and have not gotten an answer .So here it is again I would like to know to spell Austin Cory Jaclyn and Francis in the Cree language Please I am Cree The Names are of my children and grandson


  6. Hello me and my family are trying to locate our family tree and my great grandfather lester adelbert Defoe always said he was part of cree indian and there was a princess in his family but we cant seem to find any pictures or information on him because if he was indian for sure we wouldnt know his reservation name!!! Can you please point me out on how to find information about him we cant find no information on him before the age of 25 we believe he was born in 1886. But that’s all we can find and he wouldnt talk much about his child hood please help


  7. Please help me, last night I dreamed that there had been a dispute between out neighbor and myself, I looked out the window and all the homes were gone except for mine. outside there was a tent type thing set up by my home. Next thing I knew I was in my home and a tree had come partially thru the home and there were black spiders everywhere. All around me were Native Americans of all ages both men and women. They kept telling me that I was Cree or Sioux. they showed me these 4 hand made pieces each about 2 foot long telling me that each one belonged to one of my grandparents. These people made me feel very safe. One older man was telling me where my ancestors were laid. Then he handed me this key like piece of something and has me lay it in my hand and close my hands as in prayer together. This object glowed the most beautiful green that I have ever seen. He told me that I had been chosen for something very special. Please help me to understand this. I have always been told that I was Cherokee and that is where my middle name came from. Please help me.


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