Huron “Ask an Elder”

“Ask an Elder”

There are many questions and few elders. This blog will be populated with your Q&A found in the comments.

Please comment with your questions and we’ll promote this blog to the Huron elders who may have the answers that you seek.



6 thoughts on “Huron “Ask an Elder”

  1. I had these visions 2 months before Sundance in Washington last year. They lasted a week and were so vivid that I wrote them down. What I heard was in a language that had no translation yet I understood. I could send you the text as I heard it and as I wrote it. Any help in understanding these dreams and why I was told these thing would help. Aho Mitakwe Oyasin. Many Blessing


  2. Greetings. i am in Blackfoot country, born in the area of Okatok 😀 listed with the Great Turtle Island Federation, as Anishinabe Country, Soto Nation

    I’m trying to trace my ancestry all the way back to the Pleiades. If you recognize any of these names to be of Huron origin, please contact me at Meegwich St. Pierre Poitras, Marie E. Brammir, Baptiste DesJarlais, Marie Martaine, Joseph John O’Connor, Marie F. Raymonds, Unknown Faverau, Mary Madeline Reed

    Nvwatohiyadv = Peace To All My Relations


  3. We have a 29.8 acre Nature Sanctuary in Marathon Township, Lapeer County, Michigan, USA. We have fought to preserve the ancient forest, and many visitors here, have felt this woods is very Sacred. We feel it is a Native American Burial site, and homeowners on our block have felt the same. We would like someone to visit and give us some guidance as to a proper way of Honoring our Ancestors. I am of Navajo desent, but choose to act as Steward to this ancient forest. Any assistance would be appreciated. We are Othila Inc. A Veterans Resource Center and Nature Sanctuary. our website is, email is We are a 501(3)c non-profit, dedicated to preserving the Old Ways. phone # 810-656-0794 Thank you, Becky King


  4. I have a question,
    my mother whom is said to be American Indian, by my grandfather whom was from kansas but his tribe was attacked by the white man, my grandfather was adopted by a Mexican priest and taught how to speak spanish and fed and clothed as I was told my mother whom does speak Indian though she did not teach us, I am looking to see if I can find out what tribe we are from, my grandfather was very very tall dark he married my grandmother a half spaniard half mexican lady, my brothers and sisters want to find out which tribe we are from. my grand father was given the name Matias Montes by the priest, his family mother, father were killed only he and his sister our great grandmother and great grand father survived. but died later when my grandfather was young, he married my grand mother in 1935 in San Luis Potosi Mexico. he was married before my grandmother but his first wife died of alcoholism and his children died of chicken pox. it’s all that I have. please any information would be greatly appreciated. I love the indians and have always felt a warmth in my heart for the nations.


  5. I am the 6th Generation great grand son of Atseña dit Le Plat, Huron Chief of the Bear Nation…. This dates back to the 1600’s (1650 to about 1657)
    I see many post here, but I don’t see any answers…
    I am now 71 years old and probably don’t have many years left, but I would really like to learn some of the Huron culture. It is said that my Grandfather was killed by the Iroquois around 1657 when he willingly went to their Nation to make a peace treaty and give them hunting land that they wanted…


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