Native Tattoos

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3 thoughts on “Native Tattoos

  1. Namaste, I have been doing Shamanic work for myself. I am a light skinned person, but have a deeply ingrained need to know about native culture! I drum and should soon be receiving a Cedar flute being made by a native artist, as I wish to whisper to the winds. I have a deep affection for all of the living things. Trees, rocks, water, etc. Is it possible for a white person to, with the correct teaching, to become a red skinned woman? I only pray to your Great Grandmother and Grandfather, that I have not insulted your people with any terminology I have used. Thank-you for your time! My name that I use is Dragonflyer,. Bonnie Gay Muise


  2. I am new to this site. My favorite people have always been the indigenous people of north america. I was told that there is blackfoot in our blood but am not sure. If it is true i am truely proud. I hope it is true.


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