The Promise of Tomorrow

The promise Creator gives us Comes with every new day,
The gift of breath, the gift of life, Opportunities in a vast array.
How do we count our blessings, Through the choices life can bring?
Is it through joyful lessons? Or the fears to which we cling?
Are we learning to show gratitude, For the victories over human pain?
By honoring the feeling choices, We grasp the will we’ve regained.
Can we change our focus, With no need to defend?
Acknowledging joy and sorrow, Without judging foe or friend?
Tomorrow promises the fullness Of every human way to know:
How we master each challenge Determines our balance – reflecting how we grow.

Jamie Sams “Earth Medicine”


One thought on “The Promise of Tomorrow

  1. Thank you, for the artistic word phrasing.
    Need your help as human capital oversight in United Tribal Nations, Multi-modal Indigenous InterTribal Transportation Corridor planning and developement, along our ancient migratory routes. Lets talk it takes me too long to write.
    El Jibaro De Lytle Creek


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