Apache ‘Ask an Elder’

“Ask an Elder”

There are many questions and few elders. This blog will be populated with your Q&A found in the comments.

Please comment with your questions and we’ll promote this blog to the Apache elders who may have the answers that you seek.



15 thoughts on “Apache ‘Ask an Elder’

  1. How can I verify which Apache Tribe my Grand Mother Marguerite is related? She lived in Rincon in Northern New Mexico on the border of Colorado. My father was born in Rincon, New Mexico in 1928. My Grandmother’s surname was Lester but I’ve also found some documentation regarding the name Sanchez from my Great Grandmother’s family living in that area. My Aunt told me she was Apache but didn’t know which tribe.

    Thank you for any assistance I’m curious and proud of my Native Ancestors! .<3


  2. My uncle traced my grandmother back to the Apache Nation in souhern Missouri. I have been searching for my heritage but could only go back to my great grandparents named Bone. My uncle was surprised as southern Missouri had native americans that were Apache. Is there anyway that you could give me a little information. They came from Mineral Point, Missouri. Thank you.


  3. I do not have much information only my grandfathers name August Tallman, my father died very young before his death he told me My great great grandfather was a chief Geronimo…how can I research this? He was from Michigan when he met my grandmother.


  4. I would love to get the Traditions to learn from Lipan Apach , my cousin has a card, she has it under Lipan Apache So i would love to lear the Traditions. could i get that information from you please if that is possible ❤


  5. Will you please tell me how to say Idle No More in Apache?I am getting a hawk tail feather with beads as a tattoo and would like to say that underneath. Thank you.


  6. My Great grand father is Mexicana Joe Rivers, He changed His native name from Joseph yebarata to Joe Rivers. Is there Anyway or Anyone Who Can Help me. I Belong to KIA/DOW.ORG IM A Sprite Warrior. My name is Johnny rivera. Thank You..


  7. Hi I am not full blooded Apache but I do have Apache in me. I would like to find out what is my Animal Spirit Guide is, can you help me please. I live in Aurora Colorado. This has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. I hope that you can give me some advice or help with this matter. Much thanks to you Apache Elders.

    Salome Donald


  8. I am a writer and am looking for a correct pronunciation and spelling for the term ‘little flower’ in the Athabscan language. The term ‘little flower’ will be used as a pet name for one of my characters. Thank you for your help in advance. I have been all over the internet and the library looking for this.


  9. Dear Elders:
    I was wondering what are the words for warrior and horse. Please if you could give the spelling for both as well as a pronunciation as well (in English as I am not a speaker of your great language).Thank you so much for your time.

    Angie Tyndall


  10. My Great Grand Father was John Mason, My Great Grand mother told me when she was 100 stories of the first people when I told my father he said “that old lady is an Indian but you are white, don’t pay any attention to her” . When I told My Great Grand Mother what my father had said she ask me to bring her two bowls of water, she ask me would you drink this water and I said yes, she then stuck my finger with her needle and put a drop of my blood in one of the bowels of water and ask me if I would drink it and I said no. She ask me why not and I said ‘because it has blood in it” she took the second bowel of water and put more clean water in the bowel and ask me again would you drink it now? and I said no. She again ask why? and I said because there is still blood in it. My Great Grand mother then saidnomatter how much water I put in this bowel it will always have your blood in it” remember always that it is not what is on the outside that makes you what you are, but what is on the inside”


  11. I am a descendant of Greek Immigrants. First generation. Recently, I went to Indian Caverns in Ohio. I purchased a Native made headdress. I have a friend’s birthday party coming up in which I had in mind to wear it to. I would be wearing my regular clothes but wanted to wear the headdress because the theme is to wear something festive on our heads. I have two questions:
    1) Is this ok? 2) How are the feathers sourced? Is it humanely?


  12. Joy Sun Bear Inc. Is a small team of three people, working to educate children of different cultures around the world. Our current project is our first children’s book, Joy Sun Bear a Sun Bear from Sumatra who travels the world and writes to children about his experiences. His first experience is in Arizona where he helps a young Apache girl and boy rescue an eagle. It is of the utmost importance to our team to accurately represent The Apaches in a respectful and positive manner.
    1) Name and spelling; girl’s name: Naylin ? , boy’s name: Ishkin ? , eagle’s name: Itsa ?
    2) Gathering or celebration where the Apache’s celebrate rescuing an eagle, description of the area it would take place, clothing they would were and type of food they would eat. Type of activities they would partake in during the celebration, dancing, games, music, etc.

    Thank you


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