Creek ‘Ask an Elder’

“Ask an Elder”

There are many questions and few elders. This blog will be populated with your Q&A found in the comments.

Please comment with your questions and we’ll promote this blog to the Creek elders who may have the answers that you seek.



18 thoughts on “Creek ‘Ask an Elder’

  1. Im tring to find out more about my great grandmother her name was alma abbott/barry I was told she was alabama creek then moved to florida, she was born in 1900,Im searching for the sir name Abbott she passed in 1991,Im stuck because I no longer have anyone who knows any farther back than my grandmother ,If anyone could help I would be most name is angela DeMontmollin/Kirk() thanks so much!


  2. My mothers maiden name was Barnett, her father was Benjamin Barnett, her mother’s maiden name was Georgia Rhoads (not sure of the spelling), her mother’s name was Anne Rhodes. From other sources I have been informed that my family is of the Cree and Creek. My question, is are there any verifications of this documentation? Thank you, I would appreciate a reply.


  3. While doing family geonology on I came accrosed a name from the creek nation from 1815 in oklahoma listed as where was born and kansas osage kansas in 1871 as place of death for a person named chief little bear. His daughter Sarah Cole married Aaron Luzader in Bound Brook, Somerset New Jersey what i am having trouble with is some dates just Do not add up Can you please help me Ive always heard that there was Native blood in the family but noone would tell me where or how.


  4. My Great grandmother on my mother’s side I am told was Elizabeth Jameson, I think she went by Bitty or Betsy she married Elisha Garland I am told, and I was also told she was Creek and Cherokee. I am trying to build my family tree, and run against dead-ends. This is one of them, I would like to know more, so can better understand my heritage, and my feelings about the Indian way. My Great Grandmother on my Dad’s side was half Cherokee, and her name was Mary Davis.


  5. I would love to share my heritage with you. Very proud Choctaws from Vancleve, Mississippi.We are in the process of proving heritage. How proud I am to say my grandparents were Choctaw of Native American.So Proud. We are in the process of owning names. What is the proper way to do this? Please reply I will be so honored coming from a Native American.


  6. My great grandmother and my great grandfather were both full blooded cherokee indian, plus my grandfather on my fathers side is 50% cherokee indian, so what would this make me?


  7. Karen Walker think it is my great grand mother and her name is Mary Jane Dobbs and her blood count is 980 what does that make me ….My dad years a go sent for his card saying that he was Cherokee….And he never got it…….So can I get a card saying that I m Cherokee or not …..Thank you very much karen


  8. Hello. I am a student looking to interview someone that can enlighten me to the Native American Religion. I Live in NJ so I know this may pose a challenge. I’m very interested and intrigued on the culture.

    1. Your Name (first name is ok)
    2. Tribe or distinction of Native American Background
    3. How has the religion perpetuate itself in the past?
    4. How does it survive now, in this age of Information?
    5. Any references that I can use would be greatly appreciated.


  9. My Great grandmother name was Agnes Grayson and she is full blooded Cherokee and she grew up on a reservation in Arizona in doing a family tree and I’m trying find out about her and my great great grandmother who could I ask for help to find records anything that tells me about them . Thanks 😊


  10. I am Creek, Cheokee and Crowe……I hope you all are able to find the answers to your (?) about your family. I just found this website, and I think its a wonderful idea….
    Keep up the great work


  11. My Great Great Grandmother’s Maiden name was Elizabeth Jameson, she married Elisha Garland, I no longer remember her parent’s names, I have always heard that she was half Cherokee and half Creek. She was dark complected, slender, with straight black hair, which came out through her descendants. I heard she went by Biddie. Is there any way to find out more about her? My Great Grandmother on my Father’s side was Mary Ann Davis, she married John Calvin Leander Stover, and I was told she was half Cherokee. my sister had a DNA test run, and was told she had 29% Native American or Oriental blood, we have never had any family relatives that were married to Orientals, and never knew anyone Oriental until the last few years. Both sides of the family have lived in the Appalachian Area of North Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, and Western North Carolina for well over a hundred years. I have always felt like I had much Indian blood in me, and my siblings have always said the same thing. Can you help me anyway? I would deeply appreciate it.


  12. I am a descendant of Greek Immigrants. First generation. Recently, I went to Indian Caverns in Ohio. I purchased a Native made headdress. I have a friend’s birthday party coming up in which I had in mind to wear it to. I would be wearing my regular clothes but wanted to wear the headdress because the theme is to wear something festive on our heads. I have two questions:
    1) Is this ok? 2) How are the feathers sourced? Is it humanely?


  13. I am Moscogee-creek. My father was full blood. And my mother is Cherokee of St George.Ga. My people are part of the Seminole nation. I was raised in N. FL and S. GA. The area where we drifted apart from the main clan. Some went south into the Everglades and the rest went back west. I’m trying to locate the clan man that went west. For I believe that they are our true ancestors. If you have any info that can help me locate them. I would be most greatfull. Ahoe


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