Native American ‘Adoption Laws’

… Let’s bring our children home …

Thousands of our children, for a multitude of reasons, were relocated into the foster care system.

In many cases the government will not provide this information.


… Please provide any resources or situations … This affects every Nation …
I will populate this blog soon, but this needs our attention immediately …

Thank you in advance for your participation …


3 thoughts on “Native American ‘Adoption Laws’

  1. There are Tribal Resolutions & laws mandating that Native American children must go to Native American families, rather blood related or other community members. That they be able to have access to their traditional cultures and language!
    Those who are of mixed blood, but raised to know their native culture also may be place with those who practice such traditions & language. Seldom do these children are allowed to be adopted by non natives.
    Maybe the only way a child could be adopted would be, because they grew up away from their culture, their parents didn’t participate & chose to not reconize their cultural origin! Then if a child only knows the world he has been accustomed to all their lives, than why should they not have the chance to be adopted by a non native family?
    Children from many cultures are adopted by other cultures & no one says anything. We praise them for taking in children who just need a home, who long to have stability & love!
    We are a multi-cultural society & we must embrace that by learning & teaching our children that we are all connected &
    its not us against them attitude!
    There are interagency agreements with local, state and federal agencies concerning Foster homes and adoption.
    Contact your local tribal social services and tribal government to see what policies are in place. If there aren’t any then advocate for such policies for fostering and adoption of native children in your area!
    Be informed about what is rumor and what is fact before assuming.
    As a former state licensed foster parent for Native American children on my reservation, being an advocate for them was being able to understand what roles tribal, local, state & federal policies mandated what was beneficial to each child and long term placement!


  2. Hello My name is DaChelle and I am a First Nations Cree. I have four children who were victims of the abuse of power by the “system”. I agree with you to some point but my children were never abused or neglected until after they were taken by the system, seperated and placed in several foster care facilities and foster homes before they were finally placed with family. To make a long story short I got involved with the “Home Builders Program” through Catholic Community Services after being referred to this agency by state social services when I requested grievance counseling for myself and my children when thier father died. He died from years of fighting a drug addiction and wasnt living in the home at the time. This agency provided an in-home counseling service which made alot of promises to me and my family that they didnt keep. I was on a Section-8 Housing Reduced Rent Program at the time and lived in a HUD inspected and approved rental home, though the house was built in 1906 it was still very well maintained. One of the promises that Catholic Community Services made to us was a grant for us to build us a new home of our own where I would just pay the standard home owners & property taxes every year. This grant was also supposed to include new clothes for myself and the kids, better transportation, childcare funding so I could go back to school and a get jumpstart to further my education with some of this grant money. They told us we were eligible for this grant because we were a native family and that we met the criteria for the grant qualifications. We never seen a penny of this grant and never got our house, never got our car fixed, and i never got to go to school….nothing! Instead what we got was forced out of our home and into a motel from threats of Child Protection Services being called. They told us that our house was unfit to live in because a sewer line had broken up by the road in the front yard on a weekend and I couldnt get my landlord there to fix it until Monday or Tuesday. They threatened me to call CPS if I stayed there with the kids until it was fixed. After they forced us out of our home they paid for a motel for us, they provided daycare for the kids while I was job searching and applying for schools during the day. and then they went to daycare with police one day while i was doing everything they told me i had to do and i did it in fear of losing my children. Under lies and false pretences they said I abandoned my children there at the daycare and that they were taking them. And they took them. When I went to daycare to pick up my kids they were gone! I did not abandon my children. i would never have done that. My children were hearded like cattle through the judicial system. I did not have money to fight them in court with an attorney and had to represent myself. At that time i knew nothing about the law and lost my parental rights. This termination of parental rights was pushed through the juvinile & family court system quicker than most cases would be if an attorney had been involved. I didnt know what our rights were and no assistance was provided for us by the state and I lost the fight for our family, for my children and was publicaly shamed by the system and society for being what they said was a “bad mother” when in fact i was an excellent mom! Basically what it amounts to is this; Catholic Community Services was contracted by the state and what i didnt know at the time was that they were also a contracted asoption agency by the state as well.Tthey were very well paid for contract services by the state for services rendered which included adoptions. Basically in my opinion and from my own experience with them and from years of further observation of thier practices after adopting my children out , the state and this private agency are in the business of stealing children from thier families by way of exploitation, cohersion, blackmail and false reporting for monetary gain. Literally black marketing Native Children and selling them! The state inwhich I live in recieves so much money every year from the federal government to support the foster care programs and child protective services departments and they in turn contract with these private adoption agencies and pay them off to set families up for this so they can continue to get the federal funding. Where is the money going that is supposed to go for programs like the The Home Builders Program like my family was canvased and candated for? And families like mine never see it ever. Instead familes get torn apart and seperated for years and some of these children are brainwashed into a different dominating culture and taken out of thier own culture and heritage as a result of this child trafficking. And its not only the kids who suffer through thier lives but its the parents and extended family members who suffer too. Some turn to survival mode and end up in jail from taking thier kids back without a court order and some just give up all together and turn to drugs and alcohol to numb thier pain because society pushes it on them, brainwahes them, and leaves them to die in the streets. thet die believing that they are nothing but worthless pieces of crap because they dont have thier kids. they die from drugs, crime, suicide you name it. The list goes on and on and on of character defects that are created, bread and instilled upon parents and thier children by social injustices such as these. There have been a growing number of families over the years who have shared with me almost the same identical stories about thier families and the same agencies committing the same acts of inhumane social injustice of human trafficking of Native children as my family experienced. Our voices are never heard and anytime law enforcemeent or judical heads are brought into it all they do is look in your file made up of lies and created by the system and they turn the other cheek. open and shut case of “i dont care what you say! I am the law!” When i was growing up foster homes were far and few in between and if you were a foster parent it was because you cared and you didnt get paid to foster a child. Now it too is a business for profit and it too should be internally and externally investigated by an outside source such as the UN. And these agencies should be brought up on formal charges of human trafficking, exploitation, embezzlement, extortion, kidknapping and abuse, and be tried by a group of thier piers and mine and convicted and sent to prison for these hanious crimes against humanity. These acts of crime whether they be federally and state mandated or are lead by corperate greed, should be treated as a class A felony federal crime. What happens here in the US with native children is similar to the Residential Indian Schools Holocaust in Canada, where Native children were taken from thier homes and placed in residential schools and raped, murdered, abused, neglected, starved, diseased and most pushed out into society if they didnt commit suicide first, and treated like outcasts and discriminated on a daily basis. And for most, never again reunited with thierr famiilies.. Disconnected from thier heritage and culture not only physically but more importantly……spiritually. So i can honestly say that I dont have faith in the foster care system, child and family services, federal, state and local government or thier programs and laws. What i do have faith in is in my people and in the natural laws of life and nature. Through all of this that myself, mt children and mt family have been through Ive managed to beat the odds and so did my children and I couldnt gave done it without the advice and guidance of my Elders, (some whom Ive never met in person,) and without the faith and promise of hope from my ancestors and the Creator. My children are all grown now except for one who is just turning 17, but the others are adults now and have given me 2 grandsons. I have managed to reconnect with my 3 older kids wgich took me over 16 years to accomplish but i refused to be a victim of a cruel an unjust colonial society anymore. I work hard to teach my children, even as they are adults now, the ways of the ancestors and our connection to the earth is just like the connection an unborn child has to its mother and that bond will always be an eternal bond and can never be broken by any form of governmet, society, social influence and social injustice.


  3. That is horrible..How can people be so heartless !! Those agencies should want families to be together.It is so cruel, when all they think about is money..Kids need their parents and families, but to take them away is shameful. I agree with everything you have said and im so sorry that happened to you…I love the indian culture and read whatever I can find…I believe the indians were always treated wrong and I cant believe the history of their lives was not taken more to heart..They were people just like me, they had different ways of doing things, but that doesnt matter….I think we can all learn a few lessons in life from the indian culture and beliefs…Thanks for sharing your story….♥♥


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