Native Friendship Center


I am experiencing a problem with the locally run Native Friendship Center. It seems like it’s being operated by local tribes. Just like many of our band council, it to may have become corrupt. I feel they to only help their own and turning away the others.

I emailed them to see what they have to say but I’m sure they will ignore me like they have been for the past five years.

I wrote about my personal experience my own website located at

Here’s a copy of my recent email and I will post the response here as well…

This was sent to over ten of the top people on 130415.


I was wondering if you guys were hiring–not anymore… Over the past 5 years I’ve applied countless times, to no avail, not even a reply to let me know the message was received… I am positive that you need to know someone or be related to get a foot in the door? … I feel like a outcast among my own people … I hesitate to visit, even though I reside across the street, because you guys don’t even make an effort to let the public know about your on goings … You guys must change your polices or something …

I remember looking forward to my weekly visit to the Fernwood Friendship Center back in the day, this organization must be completely different. I use to feel like one of the family, now I feel like I don’t belong. The Friendship center is not friendly at all … I am going to blog about my experience with your organization because I’m sure you guys will just ignore this email message as well …

Thanks for nothing ….



Please let me know if there is other Native Friendship Centers that have the same problem and let me know how they remedied it, or if they are ignoring it live the Victoria Native Friendship Center….

Thanks for your time…


4 thoughts on “Native Friendship Center

  1. Sadly–you cannot make people love you or even treat you right. Look back upon the world and see this throughout all of history !

    Also understand that many times people cannot answer others for many reasons. No service , no people to do the answering etc.

    I hope you continue to search for a group that wants and cares about you. They are out there…..keep searching.

    Don’t become them over again by being evil and cruel. Maintain your dignity.


  2. Whos the Eagle and Whos the Old Crow ?

    I am more like the TURTLE.

    I have a hard shell–and I carry many things upon my back…..However I must admit that I am OLD !!…but a Crow ? I don’t know about that…..A Eagle–NO ….A very wise Bird–but a predator . I am not……


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