Blood of our Ancestors

Blood of our Ancestors


2 thoughts on “Blood of our Ancestors

  1. My children are American Indian and very proud of there tribe. My oldest son was a great talented artists. He drew free hand art work from there tribe. My three children are Potawatomi from the nation Reservation . People of the fire. Jimmy’s was a single father of 5 children that also have there Indian I.d. Card. There ancestry grandmother and great grandparents were the Curleys and the Wolfe’s. They were full blooded Native American Indians . My son drew one of his favorite art work which was the last trail. Before he passed the Indian ageny wanted to share his art work. He had posted and some one from othere tribes were amazed of his work. Unforfortunly my son passed away last year of a heart attack on his way to work that morning and never arrived to work. We are caring for his children and have so much love that he had so much love for his children there were his like. He never were able to contact this person that was a native and wanted to share his art work. He died right after and never send his art work we kept it for his children. He made it a point to go every year to the pow wows. He died with pride. Thank you for sharing this with us. My children have made me proud and there people of the fires and now there children. My mother was raised in the apache reservation. They lived in Az in Miami globe. She was a orphan and was took in by the apaches. The taught her there ways of living that she is so grateful and thankful. Thank you. Jimmy, Danny and Rosie and there children that are so involved in there culture. Leticia Blancarte Hughes. There mother. May there spirits flow freely to all of us. Sincerely, Leticia.


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