Video Blog of the history of Native America

Here’s a few videos that may help you better understand the history of Native America.
America Before Columbus
1:37 hours of history. I love the historic perspective of this documentary. I don’t agree with a few parts but this video is a must see.

The Canary Effect
1:03 hours of video everyone should see. This video really defines how the American Presidents marched thousands and thousands of the original land owners to concentration camps better known as Reservations. The history is not nice but it should be known. They don’t teach you this stuff in the public school system.

500 Nations
6:14 hours of raw Native American History.Well put together and definitely worth your time. I’ve watched it many times over.

America’s Great Indian Nations
America’s Great Indian Leaders
Here’s two documentaries that will help us understand our ancestors. It is amazing what our ancestors had to endure to get what we have today. ‘If I was a leader of today I would never sell the land and the ones who do were never leaders to begin with.’

First Nation Wars
3:39 hours of the history of the original defenders of this land. Wow, I just love this documentary. It will explain why we did what we had to do. In my opinion, our ancestors should be remembered as hero’s and we should never forget their struggles. — After watching these videos I’ve concluded that I was born 200 years too late …

I hope you enjoy the videos and let me know if you like what you see. I plan to develop more posts like this to help educate knowledge seekers. Thanks for your support and don’t forget to like, share and comment on all Native American material that you enjoy to help share our Cultures.

Walk in Peace,

Native America

********************* The following videos are powered by Youtube and they are often removed for infringement rights. The videos are often republished and then I am able to update the Ya-Native video page to keep the viewer informed.




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