Facebook eradicated organic promotions. Now we see what they want us to see.


Around June 1st, the Ya-Native facebook fan page experienced a sudden drop in viewer stats. The usual 3.8 million average weekly viewers dropped to just over 200 000 weekly viewers. The drastic decline in viewer stats coincided with the launch of my personal  ‘Stop the Pipeline‘ Campaign. I quickly realized the sudden drops in all my pages where I have promoted the word ‘oil’. All my facebook profile pages, did not seem effected. As a remedy to the situation, I removed most of the oil related posts, the stats did climb from 200 000 to 500 000 immediately. I remain convinced that there are ‘Oil’ search filters in facebook and elsewhere.

I started my own little investigation it become notably evident that all protesting pages were eliminated from Facebook news feeds. Now, we don’t see any of the material that we liked as pages on Facebook’s new feeds or  promotions from ads that our friends found interesting, they’re all hiden. Everything to do with Monsanto’s GMOs’, oil spills, Fukushima , Idle no more, no to enbridge, stop the tar sands are eliminated and popular news blogs subscriptions that are friends ‘liked’ are gone.

In a nut shell, free speech is hidden. In a very short time you’ll noticed many of these independently owned and operated sites fall to the wayside. Only the big corporate sites will prevail. The sites with deep pockets. Does that sound familiar to you? The issues with theses corporate sites are that they are governed by man made laws and regulations-just like our educational school system.

For a freelanced Social Media Technician that operates an independent site like Ya-Native, this move diminishes everything we’ve worked for. My primary motivator are donations and promotions (likes, shares and comments) from the generous viewers. A normal person would tell himself “I’ve spent thousands of dollars, not to mention ‘the thousands of hours’ to make this network. I’d rather spend the time with my family then waste it on thankless work.” I must admit, I did experience a spiritual uplifting on September 17th 2012 in direct reference, so I will probably continue this project even though my saving are gone.

I used to hope to find sponsors that was interested in promoting has objective to over ten million viewers a month, now that is gone. Now-a-days everybody is just setting up facebook pages and calling that their Social Media Campaigns. There used to be a time when Facebook fan pages were the tool to use to promote your online entity. As of June 1, this marketing tool is not effective, almost pointless. If Facebook doesn’t change their ways and hype up the facebook fan pages like they should be, they are going to lose their vision. *** Corporations suck!

Thanks for your time …


The internet is similar to our economy. If you want the ‘mom and pops’ products to survive, you must support your local ‘mom and pop’s’ online entities.


6 thoughts on “Facebook eradicated organic promotions. Now we see what they want us to see.

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  2. Facebook has blocked me saying that I have been blocked for abusing the news feed, and it was only me liking pages that had to do with climate change, and the oil pipe lines! So I guess I am blocked for a while! Lol! They can kisss my behind that’s all I have to say about it! Lol!


  3. This behavior is normal in history for all people. All people have always been enslaved and censored by those who attain power or wealth, it is the standard method of the dysfunctional human family to ever evolve from freedom and self-sufficiency to slavery and dependence. It is the imbalance in Nature caused by those who have forgotten the importance of all other things Created by the Great Spirit and replaced their true purpose in this world with Greed, Arrogance and Selfishness,


  4. Check with the American Civil Liberties Union about possible 1st Ammendment litigation arguing that Facebook is a public utility and the Internet the new town square. Perhaps they could get a Federal Court injunction on your behalf. Also, they may wish to argue that this particular issue is religious speech subject to greater scrutiny.


  5. I think it was inevitable really after we saw how social media changes some nations leadership in 2 weeks time, and the wide spread power from occupy movement. The so called powers to continue to fight. We must continue to educate however we can, and whenever we can. Knowledge is power


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