Ya-Native Comic Strip #3

Here’s another small collection of random comics you may enjoy … Like and share if you like what you see …

identitystoleninhaledeeplyholocaustindigenousFeel free to post some Native American Comics below. Thanks

You can find hundreds of my images to share here: http://www.ya-native.com/pictures/children/


Check out my Stop the Pipeline Campaign I’m working on. Thanks for your time Reamus

ImageImageImageImage ImageImage


2 thoughts on “Ya-Native Comic Strip #3

  1. Thank you very much for your update. I’m trying to contact you. Hopefully it’ll work. I was visiting your blog this morning, and on the middle of page 4, after several maps, I read “I hope someone can design a digital map … thanks … » I’m interested in doing that (for free, of course…) because I feel concerned by the indian condition. I read about the trail of tears, my wife has some navajo blood (but her ancestors have never been declared (fear of the white people, you know that better than I do…) Anyway, I can draw a map using svg format, with the names of the tribes, and maybe some images, drawing… Here is a short try in png format, corresponding to the states of Texas, Louisiana and Mississipi. If you are interested, just let me know, and we can work together to do something easy to reuse any time. Best regards Michel (yes, from France 🙂 )


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