Where did all the Native American Facebook pages go?

I have seen many popular Native American(NA) Facebook pages disappear without a trace. I have research this and found that there are many reasons. A common cause being that the pages were created by a profile using ‘NA Names'(facebook does not consider government issued native status cards as official government ID). This is an additional topic all together. In particular, I revealed a group responsible for the removal of multiple NA pages and they are posed to eliminate many more NA pages.

… I operate multiple NA pages and websites, so I have a unique perspective of Native America on Facebook. I used to monitor and compare the  top five NA pages to better my ratings–those pages are all gone. This makes the YaNative page the most popular Facebook page for NA. Normally an admin in my position would be ecstatic, but the way I see it, that’s almost 5 million Native American facebook followers displaced!

The Ya-Native Network’s greatest threat is a group who is copyrighting existing Native American images, even the International hijackers who disrupted the network were less of a threat.

Out of my thousands of posts I share every year, I have only had one individual who has filed multiple copyright infringement violation reports against the YaNative Network’s facebook pages. She reported that I shared her memes, that she emailed me, without her expressed written authorization. She has successfully filed 6 reports which puts the YaNative Network in danger. I followed up with some research …

… This sadistic individual is downloading hundreds of existing Native American memes and images only to claim them as her own.  She adds one of her many copyright marks and recirculates them through other social media networks. Many of their copyright marks are well hidden. She is even adding her own copyright marks to existing copyrighted images/memes that have been circulating Social Media Networks for years. Her most recent copyright mark includes an ‘Idle No More’ type of stamp mark. I am aware of 6 copyright marks she uses. I also suspect she is claiming existing copyright marks already placed on images that were shared by many others from years prior. The copyright marks are relevant only to facebook designated copyright agents, so she does not have to prove her ownership to others. She is pure evil.

Her sole intention is to eliminate other NA facebook pages, I can not think of any logically explanation. Her copyright tactics are not profitable and don’t work anywhere else except with these new strict facebook copyright laws. She operates a Spiritual Lakota facebook page which is an overkill of copyright laws fully designed to entrap any Native American page owners who share any of their claimed copyrighted images. They also openly acknowledge how they have pages easily removed because the owner had a fake name (NA Name). They recently admitted responsibility for the removal of two NA pages and I fear many more. I hope your comments to this blog post will shine a light on the character of this group and its operators/owner.

Please forward this to any NA facebook page owner. The NA page owners will know exactly who I am referring to.

I will add page links with names, once this network is out of harms way.

I should mention that this vindictive lady resides in Sweden. She was in my friend’s circle for over 5 years and closely followed the success of the YaNative Network. She now mimics my practices on the page that she admins. In the past, I have posted dozens of pictures that she had shared with me. She continues to share hundreds of images she has gathered from the pages I operate. She started her complaining practices in August 2104, when she became a self-proclaimed spiritual adviser of a popular NA page that shares prayers and wisdom as Lakota Elders.

Check out the page owner and admins if you get a chance. They have refused to answer any questions regarding their Nationalities.



Thanks for your understanding.

Reamus Wilson.


17 thoughts on “Where did all the Native American Facebook pages go?

  1. All I can say is that some of them were decent pages and all of a sudden they were sharing sexual content. They may have been hacked.


  2. I noticed the lack of Native American postings. I thought it was something I had done. Typical. But then, again, I don’t even know the origin of the word “meme” and have no clue how they work or how they get created. Good luck overcoming your obstacles.


  3. I have such deep respect for original people of the Americas, and I treasure the spiritual advice that is offered. I hope to see the pages back in their pure form.


  4. This group removed over 60 images that they wrongfully copyrighted and they are now posting none Native American material now …

    I thought it was funny that they recently shared a post explaining that they don’t understand why the color of their skin should matter when it comes to providing Lakota Spiritual guidance.


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