This is digital genocide of Native Americans

“Genocide is the systematic elimination of all or a significant part of a racial, ethnic, religious, or national group.”
“Authentic Native American facebook pages are being systematically eliminated by foreign groups.”

In 2008 most, if not all, Native American facebook pages and groups were operated by Native Americans. Recently, I reviewed 10 Native American facebook pages and 8 were operated by non-natives.

In 2008 all Native American images were Native American or copyrighted by their respected creator–the way it should be. In September 2014, facebook introduced the DCMA copyright standards–more man made laws. Now most non Natives are capitalizing on these laws by adding their facebook URLs and copyright marks to every unmarked Native American image they can find …

Normally I would appreciate the extra enthusiasm for promoting my heritage, but there are a handful of groups that can easily have all authentic Native American pages eliminated.  These groups are reporting copyright infringement laws on art work from Native America. The only entities that are affected are the Native American facebook pages who share these images.

Here’s what I predict, in a very short time everyone will be enjoying Native American wisdom from foreign groups.


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