Feather Prayer

A feather represents the winged creatures, carriers of individual spiritual messages. Fill the feather with your prayer, blow on it yourself or let the wind whisper upon it. It carries your hopes and dreams and the prayer you made to Creator.

We believe Feathers are symbols of power, strength, and spirituality. The feathers are symbols of prayers being taken up to the heavens.

The air currents of feathers are carried up to the heavens with attached prayers and then brought to the upper spirit world so they could receive the message of those down below.

Feathers are good protection. Often Hawk, Eagle, Raven and Owl feathers can be seen hanging outside our homes.

Allow your spirit to be receptive in a universe gift of feathers, let it speak to you, pray to it and send your your prayers to Creator…and so it is AHO!!



Prayer from:
Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin


3 thoughts on “Feather Prayer

  1. Interesting..I have been picking up feathers most of my life..I always have some feathers ..Maybe my Abenaki..blood makes me want to cherish these things..The land..and all that dwells within it..peacefully ❤


  2. My sweet daughter made me aware “when feathers are near angels appear.” I don’t search for them, I wait for them to appear.h


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