Jay Tavare is it true?

Mr. Jay Tavare is the “Iron Eyes Cody” of the 21st century. But unlike Espero Oscar de Corti Nader Janani is not of Italian but Iranian descent. His father´s name is Mahmoud Janani and his extended family lives in Sweden and the U.K.. He is not a White Mountain Apache nor a Navajo nor Latin Amarican. Furthermore he was never born on the Navajo reservation, but in Tehran, Iran. His family left Persia and now lives in Sweden and the U.K. were he was attending a boarding school. He is not Native American, not by blood or circumstance. Why he has faked his vita is unbenownst.

jayphoto Credit: pinterus

*** The message was sent to me by a concerned viewer who claims to have been Jay’s neighbor when they were children… I normally don’t believe this sort of thing but this facebook follower is positive and contacted me directly. He is monitoring this post for Jay’s response.

Be proud of who you are!


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