FBI Interferes With Exhibit Of Work By Native American Artist Leonard Peltier




FBI interferes with exhibit of work by the renowned Native American artist Leonard Peltier

An art exhibit commemorating National Native American Month at the state Department of Labor and Industries building, Tumbwater, Washington, is being dismantled in response to complaints received from law enforcers.

“This is overt government censorship and it’s unconstitutional,” said Peter Clark, co-director of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

“Former agents of the FBI, joined by State police officers, have imposed their personal views on the citizens of the State of Washington. It’s ironic that in celebration of Native American Month, the government is suppressing freedom of expression by a Native American. But everyone should be alarmed by this occurrence. Once you allow the censorship of an artist by government, you give it the power to censor everyone.”

Those opposing the installation of the artwork were not offended by the content…

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12 thoughts on “FBI Interferes With Exhibit Of Work By Native American Artist Leonard Peltier

  1. There seems to be something more to this story that isn’t being said… for example, what was the “official” reason the FBI got involved at a state building, and why did they support dismantling? From what little I know, the cultures of the tribal peoples around that area are generally peaceful and beautiful, so as a white guy I can’t imagine what kind of problem they could have had with it. Of course, who can say why they would tell native people “we don’t serve your kind here”? And here I thought racism was finally on its way out.


  2. Whenever someone talks about terrorist organizations, I instantly think fbi and cia. But then again historically speaking, why wouldn’t I?


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