A free Leonard Peltier Campaign


For the record, I don’t condone these actions, but damn this is a great idea …


Feel free to attach any images of international currency that states ‘Free Leonard Peltier’.

england (2)

Check out my personal free leonard peltier site @ Free-Leonard-Peltier.com . I plan add another site to host this domain. For now, I added it to my person site.


Here’s my first site I used to promote Leonard’s situation:  Free-Leonard-Peltier @ Ya-Native.com


Check out the largest Support group for Leonard Peltier.



One thought on “A free Leonard Peltier Campaign

  1. Hi happy to meet you. I have a post here on Leonard for.pardon. bit each time I go and Repost L, I have this unnamed lady calling all day saying her sister is dead because of him. I am giving time that she leave me alone so she does not intrude in my post, that would devastation. I do not believe it. Good night I will look here for my post. Peace

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