are we being filtered

It’s disheartening to witness what is happening to the Native American’s presence throughout the Internet.

I am a sole operator of this Social Media Network. This vantage point provides me a unique perspective towards the Native America’s online presence.

All the top Native American pages that I have been monitoring on the most popular Social platform are being filtered drastically. Example: My main page has an average of 600 new likes per week but the total likes have remained the same for over a year. I hesitate to use any names, provide details or to point the finger because my network would be …

Does anyone have any advice or is there any action we can take without jeopardizing our online presence?

The Ya-Native Network is needed now more then ever. I need an angel investor to accelerate this project. Please contact me for details.

Our online Native presence is just a fraction of what it used to be and we may loose it completely unless there’s something we can do…

Thanks for your time … eaglefeature (2).jpg



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