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36 thoughts on “‘Ask an Elder’ – Page

  1. goodmorning, i’ve been told all my life that i’ve cherokee and choctow in me [plus everyone tells me i look like it] what i would like to know is how do i go about proving my navtive american blood line to be honest i’m more proud of it than anything else thank you


    • If you go to the “Ask An Elder Page – Cherokee” I have answered the same questions you have over and over again as to what you need to do to find out about your family history. Read the answers to most of the questions.


  2. hello does any one know any fronaburgers or rushs from the nation as i am a direct descendant they are cherokee /chickasaw /and chocataw /as well as scottish and german /there was mary benjamin major eddie katherine juanita and melba on the fronaburger side unfortuanatly we have totally lost track of the rushs who were from oklahoma and mary s mother my great grandmother and father had role numbers and i find no record of them in the roles


  3. I would like all people to live harmoniously and without ego. The earth’s balance has been comprimised how do we change this with the constantly growing population. Bring back the true life-cycle!


    • that way of life is long gone many people died tryin to live indian to understand more than the other biengs to be at peace to live an honorable and respectful life to treat all of the creators creations our people died for this fathers mothers sons daughters granparents grandchildren lived in fear for when the devil rips your house open killen as much as they can these devil men will get honors for the killen of women an children but wont fight a warrior one on one cause they no they will die they wreak of fear hatred racism murder rape arson burglary because of these people are ways are completely gone


    • The only way to completely lose ego is to be humble and selfless as much as possible. Everyone is being sold ideas on this planet that take them away from their true self, take them away from God, and take us away from each other. You have to be a staunch warrior for your beliefs, the beliefs you have must be universal to others and unselfish. You must promote these beliefs through your actions, behaviors and attitudes towards others. You must lead by being a great servant. And these beliefs must benefit you and the planet at the same time. We have to have great love, light-heartedness, and compassion for others, and teach this to every child we come in contact with. The fastest way to do this is by being it. Be what you want to see in the world, and constantly work out the inconsistencies in your beliefs. Constantly fine tune and sift out the untruth. People will “know” you by this and it is contagious because it sets people free.


  4. Wado for allowing me to join your page I am interested in information on Cherokee’s which I am, have proven my blood line, but my mother that was full blooded die when I was young and did not get to know as much as I would like to know about our people not what a book written by a white man has said but real truth.



  5. Hello, I just learned that my great, great grandfather was War Chief Yellow Hand! Who was killed by Baffalow Bill! Cheyenne. How can I find out more about him. Also hhow can I get inj touch w/a Cheyenne Elder? Please contact me… I Love your site. My heart fell when I did not see Cheyenne…. Thank you so much & be Blessed always in SPIRIT & TRUTH! … ‘Warroir of the Spirit’…….


    • wat kind of cheyenne? if your Northern Cheyenne i am roy from the crazymule bloodline that goes all the way back to crazyhorse. if you go to lamedeer MT tribal building the security guy is our sacred hat keeper. he can tell you about our history nia’ish ne’sene


  6. I don’t know who to ask. I am from Duluth, MN, family up the North Shore of Lake Superior and travel to Madeline Island often. My feelings inside are of the Anishinaabe people with a strong connection to the lake and the land and visit Chief Buffalo’s site on Madeline honoring the Treaty of LaPointe. My family tells me that I am all northern European, but I feel differently. I recently found my great grandmother’s birth certificate in which she has no parents. She was born on the line of Removal and Assimilation. I can only speculate that she was Native, but her granddaughters appear more Native than I do…. My First Nations instructor in college jokes and calls me ‘Swindian”… (mostly Sweed, with an Indian mix)… I like that. I feel more like an Indian — connected with the traditional people that I meet, but I don’t want to offend anyone by calling myself part Native, but that is how I feel. It’s an identity thing. I’m not a “wanna be”.. I just feel that “I am”…. Thank You for any comments….. Scott


  7. I see mostly Plains Natives on here. My Family and I are from da Seattle-Tacoma area in Washington. We are Puyallup and Chinook Nations which is Coast Salish! I believe there should be more Tribes/Nations available on this website. Thank You


  8. I am trying to find out about my greatgrandfather who was full blooded cree. His name was charlie meadows, and came through oklahoma through the trail of tears. Could someone point me in the right direction.


  9. Hi I’m sorta in between a rock an hard place. Any help I can recieve would be a grand help so in the begining I’m saying thank you for just hearing me out. I was born to a white mother and a native father. However i was adopted from them. My parents that have raised me are white but have always been instilled within me a passion an respect for my Native American side. All i have is my biological fathers name. No tribal role.. No tribe reference.. nothing. I was told that it was as if he “disapeared” and “he wants nothing to do with me.” Im 20 years of age now. And I long to be with other native brothers and to seek out my true heritage. I feel it deep and I consider it a great honor an blessing whenever i can be around my friends that are native. I was adopted out of Oklahoma an i have been raised in South Carolina, so the possibilities are practically endless for what may have transpired. When i found out all the paticulars of this several years ago, I tried to find his name. Calling many many tribes in OK, but to no avail. To my understanding.. i am a quarterblood. I just wish i could find my tribe or somewhere i could fit in and do help and give to my native brothers and sisters someday. Thanks soo much

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    • I know the pain of looking for your family. You must get your adoption papers unsealed and you’ll need a court order to do that. Most states say that you must be 21 to do that, Ask you adopted parents to help if they will. In the mean time get some Tobacco (Samah) and pray and smudge with it daily asking the Creator to help you on this path. You’ll need a shell or anything you can burn a small amount of pure Tobacco in. The smoke rises with your prayers to our Creator.

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  10. I have copies of my family in the Dawes application, they were number 137. But they are not in the Dawes list now. Can I still receive a BIA card? I am Choctaw (that’s in the application) Chickasaw, and Cherokee.


  11. some indian told me i have a very old indian sirit in me
    i ask my self WHY
    i am dutch ,
    but i ,am very proud
    that indian men also have giving me a indian name
    white rose
    i feel concected

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  12. I was married to ( Apache/Shaman/Medicine man) Peter Bear Walks..for a few years, you can google him, he now resides in another country due to being incarcerated for sokething horrible to my daughter. I would like to ( after all these years) have prayers sent to heal my daughter and I from this PTSD that he put upon us. thank you ..and washte’


  13. I have a deep inter burning to the Native America Culture. Shaman, healing etc. I have three real small vision’s one of Native America dancing in a circle, seeing a Native America Village in the west. I had a dream the other night (I had been asking for my animal spirit guide show itself to me, and for my Native America heritage / ancestors to show me what way to go) anyway. I had a dream , at the end of the dream I was walking and a Black Wolf was standing across from me. I was not afraid. I saw this Black wolf two more times before I awake. Is at my Animal Spirit Guide or a warning? I am have been going back and force on a decision and a little stressed over it. I also wanted to know my Native America Name. I need an Elder to tell me that. Can you enlighten.


  14. I have a question

    On 11/26/15 I was going to town and I had to go down a small hill as I was going down the hill there was a dead coon laying in the road just as I was passing the carcass there was a full grown male Bald Eagle ( white head and white tips on the wings) flew in front of me about 30′ I went on to a small lane about 100 yld. and turned around as I was going back I could see him flying higher and making a circle I stop at the coon carcass and picked it up and I was thinking to my self that he was wanting it and he did not want to land on the roadway so I took the coon back up the hill and stop at a small turnaround and got out and took the coon over an threw it over in the field as I was going back to the truck I looked up and he was about 20′ above me and looking down at me. I did not think to take a picture for him.
    On Sunday Morning 11/28/15 I was deer hunting and at about 6:30 am a buck and doe was playing in the field about 50 yld. from me. I put the gun up to my shoulder and pulled the trigger the deer fell and with in 3 sec. or 4 sec. there was a great barn Owl flew up in a tree just above the deer carcass and look down at it and looked over at me and looked back at the deer and then flew off. I have been think about this a lot and did not know who to talk to about it . I am wanting to ask if anyone could help me . Please ( Thank You )


  15. Where are the Shawnee elders? I dreamt of three symbols before I found out my heritage is Shawnee & that Chief Cornstalk, who was murdered by three white men is my six great grandfather. I need to know more. I have always felt stong spirit connections from my heritage through my walk on planet earth, I walk barefoot softly with my spirit now, my words, not so much. This spirit has spoken & breathed itself into my dreams and through the animals. Four weeks before I found out that we were descendants of Shawnee heritage I had gone to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to see the Mothman museum. Whilte waiting for it to open, perused the park that they have there where the two rivers meet and took photos of his resting place. I want to know why he is not laid to rest with his tribe? I felt compelled to take it. What has led us to this point has all been mysterious yet revealing of the power of the spirits that continually guide us. Thank-you.

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  16. I was wondering where I might find information on whether Native American tribes from Alaska to the tip of South America had any historical premonitions or stories of white settlers coming in to disrupt and end their way of life? I recently just learned that African tribes had stories about the “white devil” coming to enslave them and that as we all know took place. My reasoning is to understand the past to interpret the future. I’m worried about the future, worried about the U.S. govts, continued invasion of the middle east, the constant dehumanizing way Native Americans are treated by our government, the non stopping ignorance and constant oppression shown to black Americans. I am interested in anything metaphysical and mystical and truly wonder if was foretold in Native American cultures.

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    • They would cry, “How could you? After all we have done for you? Why would you want to steal white man’s pride?” And all we would do is hang our heads down in shame for what they have done…and continue to do for the whites only club…


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