Oilpatch Dismayed By Liberal Move To Ban Crude Oil Tankers In Northern B.C.

Oilpatch Dismayed By Liberal Move To Ban Crude Oil Tankers In Northern B.C.


The Douglas Channel, the proposed shipping route for oil tanker ships in the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project, just south of Kitmat, B.C. The Douglas Channel, the proposed shipping route for oil tanker ships in the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project, just south of Kitmat, B.C.

By Geoffrey Morgan | November 16, 2015

CALGARY – Executives in the Canadian oilpatch are dismayed the federal government is poised to ban crude oil tanker traffic on the North Coast of B.C., which would hurt the Northern Gateway pipeline’s chances of being built.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau followed through on one of his election promises when he asked Transportation Minister Marc Garneau to “formalize a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic on British Columbia’s North Coast” in a mandate letter published Friday.

“All of the natural resources that we, as a natural resources country, sell, we sell at the world price except for one,” Questerre Energy Corp. president and CEO Michael Binnion said, referring to oil.

He added that Canadian oil producers are forced to accept a…

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Northwest Region – ‘Ask an Elder’

allnationsmustuniteThere are many questions that only the Elders can answer.  This blog post is designed to provide a means for Elders to answer. The blog will be populated with your Q&A found in the comments.

Please feel free to comment with your questions directed to that elders in this area.

Overtime, this blog will be promoted to the Elders in this Region.

Thanks for your participation.

Grace Islet Home On Sacred Aboriginal Cemetery To Be Demolished


The Canadian Press,Posted: Aug 10, 2015

Cultural workers will be at the site to ensure that 16 cairns are not disturbed

Crews will soon deconstruct a partially built home on a sacred burial site off Salt Spring Island, B.C., after a multimillion-dollar deal with the landowner.

Construction on a Grace Islet house started last fall after the landowner got the necessary permits, but First Nations raised concerns about the historical significance of the area.

Work stopped in December, and the land was transferred to the Nature Conservancy of Canada after the B.C. government paid the landowner $5.45 million.

Linda Hannah, the nature conservancy’s regional vice-president, said Monday that the house was at the framing stage when the order to stop work was issued.

She said cultural workers will be at the site to ensure that 16 cairns beneath the foundation are not disturbed.
Hannah said elders from eight First…

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First Nations Seek Injunction To Stop Site C Dam Work, Destruction Of Eagle Nests

First Nations Seek Injunction To Stop Site C Dam Work, Destruction Of Eagle Nests


Capture Eagle

By Judith Lavoie / DeSmog Canada

Two Treaty 8 First Nations have applied for an injunction to prevent BC Hydro from cutting down trees containing eagle nests in preparation for construction of the controversial Site C Dam.

Several legal challenges to the $8.8-billion dam are pending, but the nest removal is scheduled to start September 1, according to a letter from BC Hydro to the Treaty 8 Tribal Association that gives notice of the “planned removal and destruction of Bald Eagle nests from construction areas of the Site C Clean Energy Project.”

Applications to the B.C. Supreme Court for an injunction and a judicial review have been made by the Prophet River First Nation and West Moberly First Nations. In a separate case, both bands are also seeking to overturn provincial approval for the dam.

The petition asking for an injunction says that Treaty 8 First Nations will suffer irreparable harm that cannot be mitigated…

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The Man in the Moon

The three Frog sisters had a house in a swamp, where they lived together. Not very far away lived a number of people in another house. Among them were Snake and Beaver, who were friends.

They were well-grown lads, and wished to marry the Frog girls.

One night Snake went to Frog’s house, and, crawling up to one of the sisters, put his hand on her face. She awoke, and asked him who he was. Learning that he was Snake, she said she would not marry him, and told him to leave at once. She called him hard names, such as, “slimy-fellow,” “small-eyes,” etc. Snake returned, and told his friend of his failure.

Next night Beaver went to try, and, crawling up to one of the sisters, he put his hand on her face. She awoke, and, finding out who he was, she told him to be gone. She called him names, such as, “short-legs,” “big-belly,” “big-buttocks.” Beaver felt hurt, and, going home, began to cry. His father asked him what the matter was, and the boy told him. He said, “That is nothing. Don’t cry! It will rain too much.” But young Beaver said, “I will cry.” As he continued to cry, much rain fell, and soon the swamp where the Frogs lived was flooded. Their house was under the water, which covered the tops of the tall swampgrass. The Frogs got cold, and went to Beaver’s house, and said to him, “We wish to marry your sons.” But old Beaver said, “No! You called us hard names.”

The water was now running in a regular stream. So the Frogs swam away downstream until they reached a whirlpool, which sucked them in, and they descended to the house of the Moon. The latter invited them to warm themselves at the fire; but they said, “No. We do not wish to sit by the fire. We wish to sit there,” pointing at him.

He said, “Here?” at the same time pointing at his feet. They said, “No, not there.” Then he pointed to one part of his body after another, until he reached his brow. When he said, “Will you sit here?” they all cried out, “Yes,” and jumped on his face, thus spoiling his beauty. The Frog’s sisters may be seen on the moon’s face at the present day.

Legend Credit:
A Lillooet Legend

Photo Credit: unknown

Mother Bear Story

Long ago, a group of girls of the tribe were out gathering huckleberries. One among them was a bit of a chatterbox, who should have been singing to tell the bears of her presence instead of laughing and talking. The bears, who could hear her even though some distance away, wondered if she was mocking them in her babbling. By the time the berry-pickers started home, the bears were watching.

As she followed at the end of the group, the girl’s foot slipped in some bear dung and her forehead strap, which held the pack filled with berries to her back, broke. She let out an angry laugh. The others went on. Again she should have sung, but she only complained. The bears noted this and said, “Does she speak of us?” It was growing dark. Near her appeared two young men who looked like brothers. One said, “Come with us and we will help you with your berries”. As the aristocratic young lady followed the, she saw that they wore bear robes.

It was dark when they arrived at a large house near a rock slide high on the mountain slope. All the people inside, sitting around a small fire, were wearing bearskins also. Grandmother Mouse ran up to the girl and squeaked to her that she had been taken into the bear den and was to become one of them. The hair on her robe was already longer and more like a bear’s. She was frightened. One of the young bears, the son of a chief, came up to her and said, “You will live if you become my wife. Otherwise you will die.”

She lived on as the wife of the bear, tending the fire in the dark house. She noticed that whenever the Bear People went outside they put on their bear coats and became like the animal. In the winter she was pregnant, and her husband took her to a cliff cave near the old home, where she gave birth to twins, which were half human and half bear.

One day her brothers came searching for her, and the Bear Wife knew she must reveal her presence. She rolled a snowball down the mountainside to draw their attention, and they climbed up the rock slide. The Bear Husband knew that he must die, but before he was killed by the woman’s brothers, he taught her and the Bear Sons the songs that the hunters must use over his dead body to ensure their good luck. He willed his skin to her father, who was a tribal chief. The young men then killed the bear, smoking him out of the cave and spearing him. They spared the two children, taking them with the Bear Wife back to her People.

The Bear Sons removed their bear coats and became great hunters. They guided their kinsmen to bear dens in the mountains and showed them how to set snares, and they instructed the people in singing the ritual songs. Many years later, when their mother died, they put on their coats again and went back to live with the Bear People, but the tribe continued to have good fortune with their hunting.
Legend: A Haida Legend
photo: Mort Künstler : Haida Bear Dance

Native Friendship Center


I am experiencing a problem with the locally run Native Friendship Center. It seems like it’s being operated by local tribes. Just like many of our band council, it to may have become corrupt. I feel they to only help their own and turning away the others.

I emailed them to see what they have to say but I’m sure they will ignore me like they have been for the past five years.

I wrote about my personal experience my own website located at reamuswilson.com.

Here’s a copy of my recent email and I will post the response here as well…

This was sent to over ten of the top people on 130415.


I was wondering if you guys were hiring–not anymore… Over the past 5 years I’ve applied countless times, to no avail, not even a reply to let me know the message was received… I am positive that you need to know someone or be related to get a foot in the door? … I feel like a outcast among my own people … I hesitate to visit, even though I reside across the street, because you guys don’t even make an effort to let the public know about your on goings … You guys must change your polices or something …

I remember looking forward to my weekly visit to the Fernwood Friendship Center back in the day, this organization must be completely different. I use to feel like one of the family, now I feel like I don’t belong. The Friendship center is not friendly at all … I am going to blog about my experience with your organization because I’m sure you guys will just ignore this email message as well …

Thanks for nothing ….



Please let me know if there is other Native Friendship Centers that have the same problem and let me know how they remedied it, or if they are ignoring it live the Victoria Native Friendship Center….

Thanks for your time…

Web of Life

Teach your children what we have taught our children – that the Earth is our Mother. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. This we know. The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood that unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth. We did not weave the web of life; We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the Web, We do to ourselves.

Chief Seattle