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The Bag Of Winds


Long ago the Wind did much damage, blowing violently over the country of the Indian. Moreover, it often killed many people and destroyed much property. At that time there was a man who lived near Spences Bridge, and who had three sons.

The youngest was very ambitious, and fond of trying to do wonderful things. One day he said to his father and brothers, “I will snare the Wind”; but they laughed at him, saying, “How can you do that? The Wind is unseen.” However, he went out and set a snare.

He did not succeed for several nights, as his noose was too large. He made it smaller every night, and, on visiting his snare one morning, found he had caught the Wind. After great difficulty, he succeeded at last in getting it into his blanket, and made for home with it, where he put it down. He told his people that he had at last captured the Wind. They laughed at him. Then, to verify his statements, he opened one corner of the blanket, and immediately it began to blow fiercely, and the lodge itself was almost blown over.

The people cried to him to stay the force of the Wind, which he did by again tying up the corner of the blanket. At last he released the Wind on the condition that he would never blow strongly enough to hurt people in the Indian country again, which promise he has kept.

Legend credit: A Thompson Legend
photo credit: Unknown

Fort MacKay First Nation members short on cash after oilsands profits dip

Warrior Publications

Tar Sands factory complex in northern Alberta.  Tar Sands factory complex in northern Alberta.

Band CEO blames low profits for missing annual payments

CBC News July 11, 2014

Some residents from the wealthy Fort McKay First Nation are in financial trouble after the band failed to provide an expected dividend from oilsands profits last month.

Band members have long been receiving the payment, known as a PCD, which the band is able to pay out due to profits gained from oilsands-related operations. Recently, members collected more than $10,000 per year from the funds. 

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Satellite views of the largest man-made Enviromental Disaster in the World.

***Please pay careful attention to the Athabasca River and the tailoring ponds in the images below. The Athabasca River is the water of our brothers and sisters of the Cree Nations. Their drinking water is being poisoned and the Oil companies and they are using legal tactics to wait for them to die of cancer from this environmental disaster.

Rethink Alberta – Tar (Oil) Sands Pollute Athabasca River


Suncor Energy admits the tailoring ponds kill an average of 5000 birds including ducks and Canadian geese every year. I’ve read of 1000’s of birds ever day parish in the tar sands tailing ponds.

In 1989, Suncor Energy was fined only $3 000 000 because a flock of 1606 Canadian Geese were recovered after they landed on the Tailoring ponds … To date, Suncor admits that there is an average of 5000 birds recovered from the tailoring ponds every year, most sink to the bottom and are unrecoverable. There is a 100% fatality rate when a bird enters any one of the 170 of square kilometers stretched over hundreds of these make shift tailoring ponds.

Please understand that the oil companies remedy to this environmental disaster is to fill the empty tar sand pits with rain water and hope the population will forget about it. Each tar pit will become a toxic sea.

The following images are of one of the tar sand mines. There are three others just as vast and many more applicants awaiting approval from our Canadian Dictatorship.


If you are a Canadian and you participate or do nothing then it is safe to say that you are about to become the biggest Environmental Terrorist the World has ever known.






Here’s a link to where I obtained the map above

Here’s a link to a 3d fly over that will demonstrate the enormous size of the projects.

The related article can be found here.


Below is a visual of what we have to look forward to.


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