Take Action

These topics require help and your action is needed. Please do what ever you can. A simple share may put the document in from of the right person. Participation is key.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Presidential Video Petition to grant clemency for Leonard Peltier

Say no to Enbridge Pipelines and Tankers


3 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. Could someone help e spread the word of available grants to all Tribes ? Recently the Navajo, Oglala & Peyote were ready to give up their livestock due to the drought and pressure from non-Native persons that have personal gain from this .They have been entitled to what I believe are at least 2 grants that would help them .This is unfair & should not be happening at this point in History !! ga lie li ga Adahy


  2. Hi my name is Ka Te I would love to talk to some elders I was not blessed with mine to teach me I have a great gift and need guidance and some teachers ! All my teacher are from the spirit world 54 and so much as a child it started as I was for the first remembering things to happen I walk this path alone how much I am not complaining but I’m at a point where it is so strong and so intense I would love to have guidance from those who I can find I am fortunately never had any elders are people in my family can communicate or help me from separated the baby from my true teachers and my true background of who IM if u may 848-702-4593 please cal


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