Think Tank

I would like to gain knowledge in the following topics.

Please comment with your wisdom, knowledge, opinions, and resources so I can better share the information …

Thanks for your participation.

Corruption in our First Nations

Native American ‘Adoption Laws’

We must Unite

American Indians vs. Native Americans vs. First Nations

Corruption in our First Nations

Leonard Peltier: Guilty or Innocent?


One thought on “Think Tank

  1. Hello: I have been exploring your site and truly love it. I have no Indian blood for my grandparents came from Finland and France. I have been studying and writing about the Plains Indians and their traditions. One story, which I hope is mostly true, is the story of Saratoga Springs WY and the Indians who came there to go to the Warm Springs. The Indians stopped going there but the reason was not the white man..Would you please read it and see if it is a candid viewpoint of the Sioux, Arapahoe and Ute Indians came each year to the hot springs. I learned the real reason they stopped coming….. Thank you and I will keep reading about the people the white man killed. It is story and a poem about the story.


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